Model A 2×12″ tolex covered cabinets

The perfect matching low profile 2x12" cabinet for the JOAT series amplifiers - in open or closed back


 The Model A 2 x12″ Pine Tolex covered Speaker Cabinet.

The Model A tolex covered cabinets are all dovetail joined and made from Grade A 3/4″ planed Pine available as open or closed back. Currently we offer Blueberry or Raspberry Tolex covering with gold piping. 

 We also offer custom fitted padded canvas covers and fitted flight cases.  









  • All cabinets come with heavy duty rubber feet for horizontal positioning and metal foot glides at one side for vertical positioning.
  • All cabinets come with a back plate 1/4″ jack and heavy duty impedance selector switch (4 or 16 ohms)
  • available in open or closed back  
  • closed back cabinets are fitted with a Neutrik locking 1/4″ jack
  • Baffle boards are CNC cut from 3/4″  13 ply low void baltic plywood
  • Dimensions: 28.25″w x 11.625″d x 18.25″h
  • Weight: 43 – 52 lbs depending on speaker choices
  • Shipping dimensions/weight:  35 x 25 x 18″ 55-59lbs 
  • All Model A 2 x12″ cabinets are dovetail joint constructed
  • All cabinets come with a back plate 1/4″ jack and heavy duty impedance selector switch (4 or 16 ohms)





$1300 - $1650
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I played the JOAT 20RT through your speaker cabinet over the weekend and gotta say “you nailed it”. The tone quality is A+++, clear and transparent with as much bottom as I could ever want. It perfectly complements the head. I turned it up on its side, glides down. The speaker is so efficient that I needed very little push from the amp to get a really LOUD result. Makes me wonder what your coming 40 watt amp will do. Stadium performances??

The pickup selector switch on my ’68 Les has so much more of an effect when playing through your setup. I’ve never been able to get the tone change that I wanted with just the use of the PU selector until now.

I’ve also been meaning to tell you that your implementation of the B+ switch is artful. The way you’ve tied it to the lamp is the first time I’ve seen a really useful standby indicator. Kudos for that.

Looks like my other amplifiers will be idle most of the time. Wish I had yours before I bought all of the others.

Vic Sulkowski

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