VTLD1 Vacuum Tube Loop Driver

The ultimate interface between your guitar - your stomp pedals - and your amplifier. With Vacuum Tube Gain Boost and Mute/Tune output.


Your guitar pickup wants to see a vacuum tube before it sees anything, let alone a chain of stomp boxes and capacitive-loading cables and connections in the signal path.

The VTLD 1 Vacuum Tube Loop Driver restores dynamic touch response and tone integrity via two custom tailored tube stages: A 12AY7 receives your guitar pickup and conditions it to drive your stomp pedals. A 12AT7 recover stage sends your post effects optimized signal on to your amplifier input.

Plus – a sublime vacuum tube GAIN BOOST stage with independent level and tone control, LOOP BYPASS and a discreet MUTE/TUNE output.


Low profile set & forget controls:


Foot buttons w/LED status:

  • BYPASS – relay switched true bypass for easy loop in/out comparison
  • BOOST – sublime vacuum tube gain boost 
  • MUTE/TUNE – no longer the need to plug through a tuner
  • Custom tailored impedance matching/loss compensation and gain boost circuitry 
  • Discreet relay controlled signal routing throughout

Drive Stage: (12AY7) up to 13dB drive gain into 1MΩ (15kΩ source impedance). 

Recover Stage: (12AT7) up to 12dB recover gain into 1MΩ (470kΩ Recover load impedance). 

Gain Boost: up to 25dB gain at Drive stage into 1MΩ.

Input Z: 2m2Ω load, Output Z: 15kΩ source

Power requirement: 12VAC @ 800 mA. (2.5mm barrel) Supply is included    ♠ 

Dimensions: 6”w x 5.8”d x 3.75”h.

Weight 2.4lbs. Shipping weight 3.2lbs. with supply.

Warranty: 3 years all components, 90 days tubes.


♠ CIOKS AC10 or C10KOLATE recommended for VTLD1 + multi output pedal power distribution (not affiliated).



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"I love plugging directly into my amps, especially the vintage ones, but I also enjoy pedals/need to use them in live shows, but always fought with the compromises in tone. Even with high end switchers, true bypass loopers, etc. This VTLD1 of yours really is a game changer! I've got to say, it’s amazing! You sir, are a genuine genius! I’ve been looking for something like this for years!"

Ed Oleszko

"The VTLD1 with my 1966 360/12 is really cool. These old Ricks don’t have much output and can sound a little dull thru certain amps. Your pedal with some reverb matches beautifully with this old guitar. It adds brilliance but not harshness. The more I use your pedal the more I love it."

Danny Gork

"I love it! Really solves a lot in one great sounding pedal. I use it with a 1968 JTM, a tuner, vintage memory man, a spring reverb, and an EQ pedal. That’s all I need and I can cover everything. I come from a studio background, so having the gain staging options really adds a ton of flexibility and allows me to take 4 pedals off my board. Thanks for making a super cool product."

Noah Guttell, Owner of The Blue Door Studios & Professor of Audio Recording at South Mountain Community College

"Todd - the VTLD1 is great! You were right–my guitar was looking for a tube first in line. I have a gig where I need to play direct, and use in-ears. Kind of a bummer tone-wise without an amp but it is what it is. To my ears, adding the VTLD1 really brings things to life. It is hard to tell there isn't an amp in the chain. Lots of compliments! The signal chain is: Guitar > VTLD1 (Drive Out)" > Pedaltrain Nightlight Distortion > Origin Cali76 Compressor > EHX Memory Man TT-1000 Delay > Strymon Big Sky Reverb > back to VTLD1 (Recover In), then the VTLD1 Output to the Walrus ACS1. The VTLD1 transformed the flat, digital, direct sound. Thank you!"

Jim Colella, President & Owner of Pedaltrain
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